The purposes of AIOICI

The purposes of AIOICI

The purposes of AIOICI are:

::: cooperation among Members aimed at improving the professional level of services;

::: rapresentativeness of the collective interests of the Members to government and / or public entities and the world economy, both nationally and internationally;

::: sensitization about the importance of certification and inspection activities as means of qualification and commercial supremacy, and use of such services within the scope of EU directives and regulations;

::: promotion of cultural initiatives on issues of certification and inspections, to collaborate with Italian bodies who carry out institutional activities in this field;

::: collaboration with the national and / or European Union (EU) Entities for the development of rules, regulations and procedures relating to the execution of activities of Certification and Inspection;

::: mutual information among the partners in order to follow more completely external initiatives in the field of certification and therefore react more timely and thoroughly.

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