BSI Group Italia srl

BSI Group Italia srl

Basic Data

BSI Group Italia srl
Via Fara 35/A
Phone: +39 02 6679091
Fax: +39 02 66981396

Headquarters: BSI Assurance Group Limited
Date of establishment: 1901
Total employees: over 4,500
Operational in Italy: 2004
Number of employees in Italy: over 70
Italian Headquarters: Milan (MI)

BSI (British Standards Institution) is a business standards company, the world's first National Standards Body and a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Founded in 1901, for over a century it has provided companies with the solutions they need to transform standards, derived from best practice, into habits of excellence, helping their customers to grow sustainably, manage risk and be more resilient: "inspiring trust for a more resilient world".
Its role is to help improve the quality and safety of products, services and systems by enabling the creation of standards and encouraging their use. It publishes more than 2,700 standards each year through a collaborative approach, engaging industry experts, government agencies, trade associations, companies of all sizes, and consumers to develop standards that reflect business best practices.
BSI was the originator and promoter of the London Declaration, which commits signatories to consider climate implications in each new standard that is created with the goal of furthering international efforts to achieve global climate goals.
With more than 4,500 employees working alongside over 84,000 customers in 195 countries, it has a truly global reach with expertise and experience in a range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, built environment, food, healthcare and many others.
With deep expertise derived from standards development (major ISO standards are derived from British Standards written by BSI itself) it offers a comprehensive portfolio of business services to clients, helping them improve their performance and competitiveness around the world.

Services provided

  • Assessment and certification: BSI certification demonstrate that the organization is working smartly and efficiently and continuously improving its performance.
  • Audits and reviews: Supplier audits and internal audits to assure companies that their supply chain meets all necessary requirements and that internal procedures are being followed.
  • Supply Chain Solutions: A tool for conscious supply chain management to ensure supplier compliance with company standards, to manage risk, and to ensure efficient and safe management of the entire supply chain.
  • Product testing and certification: To enable manufacturers to access global markets and ensure they are marketing safe products
  • Training: As the developer of many of the world's leading standards, it works with organizations to understand their development needs, creating training programs to help them align and achieve their strategic goals.

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