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It is recommended to use this form to communicate exclusively with the AIOICI Association and not to get in touch with its single Members.
They will answer more qwikly if contacted directly. The accounts of the Members are indicated in the pages of this site dedicated to eachone of them.

Contact information

Operating office AIOICI
C/O LRQA Italy

Viale Monza, 265
20126 Milano MI

Phone + 39 02 3859 1810
Address of the Secretariat of the Association (at LRQA Italy - Milano)

Email addresses:

  • For general topics relating to the Association and / or Associates:  (the address is the President AIOICI)
  • For topics related to system certification, product and personnel:  (the address is the Vice-President of the "Certification Sector")
  • For topics related to inspection of products, commodities, components, systems and processes:  (the address is the Vice-President of the "Inspection Sector")
  • For all topics related to Regulatory Certification (Eg. CE):  (the address is the Vice-President of the "Group cogent")
  • To request information on activities, documents, solicitation of contacts, troubleshooting:  (the address is the Secretary General)

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