About us

AIOICI is a non-profit organization,

founded between 1988 and 1989, which includes Certification and Inspection Bodies having similar characteristics.

The Association's members operate meeting in interest groups established for specific purposes and coordinated by a vice-president.

::: Click HERE to download the Statute AIOICI (Pdf, 34.77 kB)

::: Click HERE to download the Implementation Rules of the Statute (Pdf, 33.19 kB)


Characteristics of the Members

::: Indipendence, is the first and distinguishing characteristic common to all members, the absence of links with the power groups that might influence the work and the decisions of the members.
::: Credibility qualification and trust supported by the certificate of an "independent third party" for those who want to defend and promote their product.
::: International vocation, there are members present at the same time in hundreds of countries around the world who use procedures, practices and same tools.
::: Facilities of laboratories as analytical support and for tests required for certification.
::: Multidisciplinary approach understood as the wealth of diversified experience and the ability to use different standards.

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The board

  • Vincenzo PATTI
    PRESIDENTE AIOICI ::: Amministratore Delegato LRQA Italy...
  • Mariella POZZOLI
    VICEPRESIDENTE AIOICI per il Settore Certificazione ::: Presidente di Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A....
  • Eleonora PAGANI
    VICEPRESIDENTE AIOICI per il Settore Cogente ::: Technical, Quality and Risk Manager South East Europe Region in...
  • Andrea COSCIA
    VICEPRESIDENTE AIOICI per il Settore Ispezione ::: Managing Director Business Assurance in TÜV Italia – Gruppo TÜV...